Corporation details - Mission Ready Mining [MRMNG]
Alliance: Fly Fearless CEO: Gai Heiyuu
Kills: 46 HQ: Uemisaisen V - Moon 5 - Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Assembly Plant
Losses: 2616 Members: 3183
ISK destroyed: 12.96B Shares: 6000
ISK lost: 101.76B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 11.30% Website:
Now Recruiting Mission Runners!

-Newbie Friendly!
-Gearing players towards Incursions - the ultimate in Mission Running!
-Fitting Assistance!
-Fleet Coordination Training!
-MOST IMPORTANTLY - We will teach you how to pay for your account with ISK rather than Cash!

(Recruiting Status: OPEN, PUB:
MRMNG - Public)
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