Corporation details - Panic Stations. [PA5TA]
Alliance: Panic Attack. CEO: Niko Delray
Kills: 5 HQ: Dudreda VI - Moon 4 - Republic Military School
Losses: 239 Members: 124
ISK destroyed: 1.97B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 20.45B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 8.77% Website:
A hardcore lowsec PVP corp on a mission to create an intelligent and effective fighting force.

We aim to fight outnumbered and outgunned and have started to make a name for ourselves by doing so.

You MUST talk to a recruiter before applying.

Created by ex-nullsec alliance FCs, Panic Stations is a lowsec PVP corporation that was formed to create an opportunity to challenge pilot's abilities and provide lessons and training in PVP, ship fitting, fleet fighting and fleet command, lowsec survival and ISK making through combat and Incursions.

We are recruiting for -

New bros
Dying in lowsec? (did we kill you?) Need help fitting ships? Got no ISK? Got no skills? We provide support for all of it with structured lessons, 1 to 1 PVP and survival training. We WILL turn you into a PVP badass.

Experienced pilots
Provide the backbone of fleets and have the opportunity to fly what you want to fly through flexible doctrines. Kill board = green should be your motto. You should be a self motivated combat pilot with a hunger to master the art of PVP or progress into FCing, No bittervets please.

Lead Ops, run NPSI fleets, train new bros and shape the experience of the corporation. Bust gate camps, cut enemy fleets in half, run Black Ops hot drops and hunt down carriers just because you can.

Skill plans and fleet doctrines are provided. Teamspeak required.

You MUST talk to a recruiter before applying.

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Panic Stations Recruiting
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